Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Aroma Therapy | Himalayan Salt Diffuser


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All Himalite Natural Salt Lamps are handcrafted from Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. All lights are produced using salt sourced from the Kalabagh Salt Mines, Punjab, Pakistan. This is the purest wellspring of salt as it contains a minimal measure of polluting influences bringing about a solid precious stone that has an exceptional crystalline structure. Each Himalayan salt shake is precisely chosen by our craftsmen and after that fastidiously etched by hand to highlight the concealed magnificence of the precious stone. As the light goes through the salt gem the stone springs up and turns into a point of convergence of your living or work space.

Handcrafted 100 % Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp Oil Diffuser/Lamp.
-Handcrafted Himalayan Rock Salt Oil Diffuser with Neem Wood Base.
-Cleanses the air around you while diffusing aromatic therapy oils.
-Brighten up your room with this eco-friendly lamp/diffuser.
-Helps improve your breathing, mood, and concentration.
-UL Approved Cord with On/Off switch.

Weight: 6.0 – 10.0 lbs. (Approx.). Therapy Oils not included.

Dimensions: As this is a natural rock the size and lighting varies in each lamp. Every lamp is different from the other.

Produced in Pakistan, Designed  in the U.S by Home Excellece.

The Power Of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere when it is heated by a light bulb or the soothing flame of a candle. The heat produced from the lamp releases negative ions from the surface of the lamp this process is known as ionization. The released negative ions bond with the positive ions in the environment resulting in a balanced living or workspace. This helps is treating a calm and relaxing space which reduces the elements that cause us to feel ill or depressed. Feel the power of the ionized air as it focuses and calms your mind, boosts your immune system, improves respiration, and provides for a better night’s sleep. Heal your environment with this lovely conversation piece. These positive ions which are present in our environment are produced by electronic devices that have become part of our lives such as laptops, computers, refrigerators, televisions etc. Hence these lamps act as a natural air purifier that makes the air fresh and healthy to breathe.

Note: Essential Oils not included.


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