Himalite Love Rock | Himalayan Pink Salt Candle/Tea-light Holder


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The Himalite Himalayan Salt tealight/candle holder is a must! When lit, the combination of the holder and the candle gives a serene look and feel in any room. Gives A Soft Lovely Amber Color When Lit.
Naturally Purifies The Air – Himalayan Salt Lamps Release Negative Ions That Bond With And Neutralize Harmful Dust Particles. This is the purest wellspring of salt as it contains a minimal measure of polluting influences bringing about a solid precious stone that has an exceptional crystalline structure. Each Himalayan salt shake is precisely chosen by our craftsmen and after that fastidiously etched by hand to highlight the concealed magnificence of the precious stone.
Environmentally Friendly And Safe, This Is A Romantic Sentimental And Practical Gift For Any Occasion.
As with all of our Himalite Himalayan Salt Lamps, this candle holder will produce wonderful Negative Ions when lit. Positively charged ions are produced when too many pollutants, allergens, and dust particles are present along with an electronically charged environment. Electronically charged environments are where multiple electronic items are frequently in use throughout the day. Homes and offices are typically very positively charged. These candle holders will create negative ions and when they come into contact with the positive ones, they will, in essence, CANCEL them out!

Each And Every Specimen Is Unique And You Will Receive One Similar To The Images Shown.
This is a heart shaped tea light/candle holder.

Produced in Pakistan, Designed in the U.S by Home Excellence INC.


The Power Of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere when it is heated by a light bulb or the soothing flame of a candle. The heat produced from the lamp releases negative ions from the surface of the lamp this process is known as ionization. The released negative ions bond with the positive ions in the environment resulting in a balanced living or workspace. This helps is treating a calm and relaxing space which reduces the elements that cause us to feel ill or depressed. Feel the power of the ionized air as it focuses and calms your mind, boosts your immune system, improves respiration, and provides for a better night’s sleep. Heal your environment with this lovely conversation piece. These positive ions which are present in our environment are produced by electronic devices that have become part of our lives such as laptops, computers, refrigerators, televisions etc. Hence these lamps act as a natural air purifier that makes the air fresh and healthy to breathe.


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