What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

It does not come as a surprise that in the 21st century, proper medical care is more of a want than a need. Nowadays, people would rather take preventative measures to not fall sick then running around for a cure later. All you need are certain positive changes to your surroundings and your lifestyle. While not all of the changes have to be drastic, trending nowadays are these beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps, which have several health benefits apart from being simply attractive.

Found mostly within the Punjab region of Pakistan, Himalayan Salt is mined in the well-known Khewra salt mines. It was named “Himalayan Pink Salt” after the iron-rich pink clay ores found in the Himalayas. Embedded with around 84 additional trace minerals – not present in table salt – consumption of this salt is believed to have several health benefits such as increasing blood flow, energy levels, and help with allergies.

Put it simply, these lamps are large pieces of Himalayan Salt Rocks equipped with a bulb inside resting on a beautiful wooden base. Himalayan Salt lamps act as a natural air purifier attracting dust, pollen, bacteria, and smoke from it’s surroundings so you can breathe a cleaner and fresher air. These lamps are becoming increasingly popular for the warm, soothing ambiance they offer. The reddish – orange glow helps induce a relaxing atmosphere that benefits the owners sleeping habits. The calming hues of the lamp positively affect the person’s mood as well as their ability to focus. Himalayan Pink Salt is also hygroscopic, meaning that water molecules present in the air are attracted to it. All other electromagnetic radiations from your electronic devices as well as dust particles attach to these water molecules, which are captured by the lamp so you have a cluster of dirt on the lamp that would otherwise be ingested and inhaled by you. Experts recommend that you wipe the lamp to remove impurities from the surface for continued use.
Made out of 100% natural Hiamalyan Salt, these lamps are child-proof so don’t worry if your little one decided to lick it, they are completely safe. Keeping all these things in mind, these lamps seem to be a great investment and addition to any home or office without any hazards.
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